Importance of Team Goals for Support Service Division

Setting up transparent and conducive team goals is imperative for your division’s success. There is an astounding amount of literature in the market to support this; as an engagement, accountability, and overall success factor. The next few sections are how I set up my division’s goals and how we utilize them as a team to become successful.  

For conversation sake, top-down vs. Bottom-up has been a topic for a while in management. I am a large fan of the top-down technique for team goals. This allows you to take your organization’s goals and ensure you align your personal goals with them, which in turn allows your leaders to align, and so forth. The technique of cascading goals is something I utilize. I review and incorporate our organizations overarching annual commitments and goals. I then review our division’s 3-year plan and ensure it aligns, then decipher down to my personal goals.  

Once I set these, I filter them to my leadership team for them to review and to align their goals with mine. They do this with their manager and it cascades down to our front-line team members. A housekeeper would not put in an increase in HCAHP scores 5% into their goals; however, they could use ensuring to utilize positive patient interaction techniques.  

Next is communication with the groups on progress. I utilize rolling screens in all of our divisions as well as huddle boards to show progress. This technique ensures that all parties are aware of progress and our shortcomings. The direction is if someone is not performing to expectations, we will all pull together to ensure they are successful. This level of transparency also allows us to celebrate our wins and ensure we spotlight those who have excelled. 

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